9 Elliott Avenue, Pottersville Dominica
PBX: (767) 440-5135 * Mobile: (767) 616/275-8080 * Fax: (767) 449-2452 * Email: info@n2ndistributors.com

N2N Distributors Ltd is a distribution and holding company that is part of a group of companies operational for the past fourteen years in Dominica. We are a multi-dimensional company of which n2N Distributors is the parent of different divisions.

All of the above reflect our core services. We are committed to managing and growing technology brands in Dominica and have a strong interest in creating an effective presence and business platform to serve this aim. We have a core team of expert staff which affords us the opportunity to have the requisite tools to succeed and we will dedicate the needed capital and intelligence to extend the capability of the business.